Combo Caddy Cup Holder & Car Organizer

SKU# 243$ 24.95

Patented design! Multifunctional Cup holder, meal tray, smartphone holder. Mounted on car door or window, armrest, seat, or can be used as strap-on lap tray. Made in America!

The versatile ├╝ber-cupholder: compact – single or dual cup holder – meal tray – accommodates thermoses.

The picture on top shows the same device, in various stages of slide-out deployment.

The multifunctionial, slide-out out organizer ComboCaddy is a favorite of business and recreational travelers, parents, truck drivers, and even airplane pilots who seek convenience, organization, safety, or simply a cup holder that signals “cockpit management at work.”

This sturdy cupholder and slide-out tray safely holds everything: whole meals, bottles, cans, travel mugs, super-sized 64-ounce drinks, thermos cans.

When not used to serve a meal on-the-go, this commuter mug holder stores items such as smartphone, trinkets or sunglasses.

The only cup holder you will ever need: The sturdy and versatile Combo Caddy will keep your car, van, boat or airplane cockpit tidy, clean and organized.

SKU# 243$ 24.95

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