Kaz-E Kup Portable Cup Holder

SKU# 260$ 9.95

Does your current cup holder hold only one size of drink containers? Are you tired of messy coffee stains or sticky soda spills? The KAZ e KUPĀ® Portable Cup Holder is the solution you have been looking for.

It is designed to fit in and to improve your existing cup holder! Simply slip it into your current cup holder.

Getting it in place will take you less than 5 seconds, and ultimately save you hours of time in costly clean-ups and frustration.

The KAZ e KUP Portable Cup Holder improves any cup holder’s function by better stabilizing the held container, while catching and storing any spilled fluids or condensation that may occur.

KAZ e KUP Portable Cup Holder accomplishes this by supporting the entire height of the held container.

No other cupholder does this!

This great feature allows plenty of room to easily access, remove, and replace the container being held.

SKU# 260$ 9.95

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