Umbrella Holder for Cars

SKU# 16891$ 19.95

Protect your car interior from ugly stains and water damage! This practical umbrella holder was invented for high-end German luxury cars.

It is now available in the U.S. for your car, truck, van or RV. This ultra-practical device is a favorite of commuters who travel by car in the Northeast and Northwest.

This universal holder can be fitted just about anywhere, in any car, and provides an ideal storage method to keep your umbrella where you need it, when you need it.

This robust car umbrella holder was originally invented for high-end German luxury cars and is now available for your car, truck or van.

Keep your car protected against wet umbrellas! Commuter Catalog Tip: Get one for the backseats, too!

The ideal commuter accessory to protect your car’s interior and hold on to your favorite umbrellas!

SKU# 16891$ 19.95

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