The Right Snow & Ice Scraper Helps Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

For car commuters who have to make their way  through snow, slush and ice during the cold season, the right snow and ice scraper can make all the difference.

Stay warm – and safe. Get a robust snow and ice scraper. It will reduce the time you have to spend out in the cold.

With this tool, you won’t have to spend more time than necessary outside in the cold, often in unsafe, dimly lit parking spots on freezing cold winter mornings or nights.

Proudly designed in the USA, this tool has a wide, angled-edge plastic blade, for fast, easy and efficient removal of ice or snow. This is not one of those gimmicky snow and ice scraping tools that can break off in the hand, or freeze to the fingers of the person using it without a glove.

With the Snow & Ice Scraper from The Commuter Catalog, you and your loved ones will be warm and safe on your way!

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